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Summer Schedule

Monday through Thursday: Open 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm

Friday: 9am to 4pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday:1 to 8pm

Adult drill sessions

Monday: 6:30 to 8:00pm

Wednesday: 10:30-11:30am

Pickleball schedule

Monday: 10:00am-12:00pm- Mens' pickle ball. 

Tuesday and Thursday:10:30am-12:30pm- Open and mixed pickle ball.

Congrats to the EGHS and VHS girls!

 The Virginia high school girls tennis team capped off a great season by finishing third in the class A team competition. The third-place match was a real nail biter; Virginia's number two singles player Ava Warren sealed the victory with a 6-4 3rd set win.  This gave the Blue Devils a 4-3 victory over a very tough Foley squad. Great job Lady Devils!

Also congratulations to the area players who participated in the individual competition. The Virginia doubles team of Callie Mauston and Alex Saxhaug played well. The Eveleth doubles team of Audrey Delich and Maddi Jankila won their opening round match to advance to the quarterfinals before being eliminated by a tough Breck team. Eveleth's Cora Delich  advanced to the finals of the singles consolation bracket before losing 11-9 in a third set tiebreaker to an excellent player from Winona. Way to go Cora!

Scholarships available!


The VITPC has a limited number of 1 year junior membership scholarships ($200 value) available. Applicants (kids age 10-18 are eligible) are required to fill out the scholarship application and submit a letter of recommendation from a tennis coach or teacher. Scholarships will be awarded based on the quality of the application. The VITPC board will award the scholarships.


Congratulations to Cody Hedin and Sydnee Harwood for being awarded 1 year junior membership scholarships!


VITPC Scholarship Application


Name _____________________________________ Age________

Address __________________________________ City_______________


email address_________________________

Parent or Guardian Name_______________________________________

Phone(if different from applicant’s phone)________________________


Applicants should write an answer to the following question:

What is the most important thing I have learned from participating in tennis? Your answer should be about 100 words written (or typed) on a separate sheet of paper.

Please return this application, your answer to the question, and the letter of recommendation to the club. If you wish, you can mail the application to:

Scholarship c/o Jim Prittinen,

1028 1st St S,

Virginia MN 55792

Or email the application to .


Winter hours- beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1st

Monday through Thursday 10am-2pm and 4pm-9pm. 

Friday 10am-2pm and 4pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 1pm-8pm

2016-17 Membership Rates


To help more people become yearly members in the VITPC, beginning September 1, 2016 the following prices will be in effect.

Individual monthly membership-$50 (the 2015 price was $55)

Couples monthly membership- $90 (2015 price was $110)

Adult yearly membership-$350 (2015 price was $495)

Couples yearly membership- $500 (2015 price was $715)

Family yearly membership-$600 (2015 price was $950)

Kid’s yearly membership-$200 (2015 price was $210)

Pickle ball yearly membership-$250 (this option was not offered in 2015)


We are now accepting credit cards for payment of yearly membership, but not for monthly membership or court time fees.


Yearly adult members will receive the following benefits.


1) free court time (for nonmembers court time is $24 an hour for tennis and $5 per session for pickle ball)

2) reduced tennis lesson rate of $30 per lesson compared to $45 per lesson for nonmembers

3) free tennis drill sessions ($15 per hour for monthly or nonmembers).


Junior yearly members (both individually and as part of a family membership) will receive the benefits described on a separate page.



We are considering installing a keyless entry system for yearly members. If it is feasible, this would allow yearly members to use the club for extended hours.


We are also working on a combined golf and tennis membership. As soon as the price is determined, we will present that option.

Our staff and board members encourage you to consider joining for a year.

If you have any questions regarding these membership rates, call the club at 742-3429 and ask for Jim. If I'm not available, I will return your call as soon as possible.

Junior Membership Information

 If you would like your child to develop tennis skills this winter, please consider purchasing a one-year junior membership at our indoor club. Cost of this one year membership is $200. Yearly members receive these benefits:

1) free unlimited use of the indoor tennis courts

2) free drill sessions for students in grades 7-12. These sessions are $10 per session for non members.

3) free group lessons. Each session of group lessons runs for five weeks, with a 1 hour lesson each week. Cost per session is $50 for nonmembers (but free for members). We will offer one fall session, two winter sessions, and one spring session. Again, these lessons are included with a 1 year membership.

4) the 1 year membership also includes the summer tennis program. So if your child participates in summer lessons next year, there will be no charge for yearly members.


If you are interested in purchasing a membership, please call the club at 742-3429 and ask for Jim. We do accept credit cards for the 1 year membership. We also have a family membership option. All of the benefits listed above are included with the family membership. The staff at the Virginia indoor tennis and pickle ball club is working hard to provide opportunities for players of all ages to play and learn tennis.  A yearly membership will provide your child with a great opportunity to improve his or her tennis skills. Thank you for your consideration.


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Phone: 218-742-3429