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Youth Lessons

Youth Lessons Session 1


Tennis Lessons will begin Monday, November 5th through December 21st.There will be no lessons the week of Thanksgiving. Please call the club at 742-3429 to reserve a spot.The Schedule is as follows:

Monday: 3:30-4:30pm  Varsity boys or girls (limit 6)

              4:30-5:30pm   JV  boys or girls (limit 6)                                                                     

                      COST:Members  $60    Nonmembers: $75

Tuesday:3:30-5pm  Supervised Play Grades 7-12  free with lessons. 

             6-7pm    Grades 5 & 6-Session1

             7-8pm    Grades 5 & 6- Session 2

                     COST:  Members  $60    Nonmembers  $75

Wednesday: 4-5pm  Varsity boys or girls (limit 6)

                     COST:  Members   $60   Nonmembers  $75

Thursday: 3:30-4:30pm Varsity boys or girls (limit 6)

                 4:30-5:30pm JV boys or girls (limit 6)

                           COST:  MEMBERS  $60   NONMEMBERS $75

                5-5:45pm Tiny Tots Grades 2 and under   COST: $50

                 6-7pm  Grades 3 & 4      COST:  $50          

Saturday:  11-12noon   Grades 5 $ 6     Supervised Play

                     COST: free- included as part of lessons.

Sunday:  6-7pm  Sunday night drills  Grades 7-9

              7-8pm Sunday night drills for Varsity Level Players

              This is an extra day for kids.This is a separate payment.

                 Members  $5      Nonmembers   $10